Countryside Conservation Office

As announced in the Chief Executive’s 2017 Policy Address, the Countryside Conservation Office (CCO) was established under the Environmental Protection Department in July 2018 and has been transferred to the Environment Branch of the Environment and Ecology Bureau with effect from 1 January 2023 to promote sustainable development of remote countryside.

The Government has earmarked $1 billion to support conservation initiatives and minor improvement works in the countryside. Through the establishment of Countryside Conservation Funding Scheme, $500 million under a non-recurrent account has been allocated for providing financial support to local non-profit-making organisations (NPOs) and villagers to organise diverse and innovative conservation activities. The remaining $500 million is assigned to carry out suitable minor improvement works and rehabilitation of the existing architectural environment in the countryside.

Towards the 5th Anniversary, the CCO has made much efforts to adopt a diversified and flexible approach in supporting and promoting the conservation of rural areas, especially in Lai Chi Wo and Sha Lo Tung through harnessing the public, community and NPOs’ efforts. With a passion for exploring suitable strategies, we are committed to protect and revitalise the ecological and cultural environment of the countryside to promote sustainable development of remote countryside and the vision of urban-rural symbiosis.

Welcome Message

Prof. TANG Man Bun, Stephen, BBS

Head, Countryside Conservation Office

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Countryside Conservation Conference 2023, the first-ever organised by the Countryside Conservation Office (CCO) of the Environment and Ecology Bureau.

The CCO has been established for almost 5 years, coordinating countryside conservation efforts for urban-rural symbiosis in a sustainable way. The conference, “Protecting Natural Ecology and Revitalising Villages: Paving a way for Urban-Rural Symbiosis” covers a diversified topic on Countryside Conservation. Government officials, academia, professionals, and practitioners will converge together to share their insights in countryside restoration, nature conservation, rural revitalisation, restoration of built heritage and traditional culture.

The presentations and discussions will provide a great opportunity for all of us to appreciate the meticulous planning and execution that contribute to promote sustainable development of remote countryside and enhance urban-rural symbiosis.

My gratitude also extends to all our supporting organisations and Government departments for their generous support. Let’s gather creative minds for embarking on a sustainable journey for the next generation.

We look forward to your participation.

Congratulatory Videos


Mr. LAU Ip Keung, Kenneth, BBS, MH, JP
Chairman, New Territories Heung Yee Kuk

Mr. TSANG Wai Yip
Village Representative of Lai Chi Wo Village

Mr. TSANG Yuk On
Village Representative of Sha Tau Kok Mui Tsz Lam Village

Videos of countryside conservation projects

Part 1

        1. Rehabilitation Project for Sai Wan Area
        2. Back to Our Countryside Photo & Video Competition
        3. Hakka Life Experience Village (Clip time: 05:40 – 07:46)


Part 2

  1. From Valley to Plain: Conservation and Revitalisation from ‘Ng To’ to Kuk Po River and Plain via Multi-disciplinary, Educational and Action Research
  2. Project Plum Grove: Revitalising Mui Tsz Lam with Experimental Restorations
  3. Feasibility Study and Pilot Scheme of Water Bus for Inter-village and Coastal Eco-tour Service for Lai Chi Wo and Nearby Villages
  4. Lai Chi Wo Children Play Theatre【Children Theatre Workshop + Art Tech Performance】
  5. Sai Kung Hoi Arts Festival 2023
  6. Tai Po Country Trail Restoration