Ho Sheung Heung is situated under the mountain of Pat Fung Leng, which is part of Long Valley. When taking the railway to Lo Wu, after leaving Sheung Shui Station and before entering Lo Wu Station, the vast farmland on the left side of the rail is Long Valley. The Chinese name “Long Valley” also means a low-humidity field or a village established in such a place.

Nature and Human in Harmony – Nature Conservation Management for Ho Sheung Heung, Long Valley

The Conservancy Association is supported by Nature Conservation Management Agreement in Long Valley. The project aims to focus on birds, amphibians, and landscape conservation by implementing various habitat management measures in the agroecosystem as well as promoting the concept of eco-agriculture. Education activities will be explored and developed in the Ho Sheung Heung area to raise public awareness of the significance of local agriculture, wetland conservation, and farmland ecology in Hong Kong.