Mai Po Nature Reserve, known as a bird’s haven, is located in the northwest of Hong Kong, adjacent to the Deep Bay Wetland. There are six habitats in Mai Po Nature Reserve and the surrounding area, including mangroves, gei wai, freshwater ponds, inter-tidal mudflats, reedbeds, and fishponds. About 100,000 migratory waterbirds are attracted to rest and resupply here every winter.

“Smart Wetlands” – Management that Combines Tradition and Innovation

The Scheme is one of the most recent projects supported by the Countryside Conservation Funding Scheme which is managed by the World Wide Fund for Nature (Hong Kong).

For over 80 years, most remote wetlands in the Inner Deep Bay area have been mainly operated by traditional fish farming methods, and there is still much room for improvement in management efficiency. The project aims to incorporate new technology applications to improve the efficiency of dealing with challenges such as extreme weather and labour shortages and bring cutting-edge technology for more efficient management of wetlands through innovation.