Sai Kung is located in the eastern New Territories. It is often called the “Back Garden of Hong Kong”. There are many rural areas in Sai Kung, which contain lots of historical buildings, village customs, and natural ecological resources. Through the Countryside Conservation Funding Scheme, the CCO provides financial support to different organisations to carry out various types of conservation work.

Sai Kung Catholic Churches and Villages Cultural Walks Construction Program

The Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong and Diocesan Working Committee have worked on the projects for “Following Thy Way”. 10 old churches owned by the diocese in Sai Kung are used as fixed points, together with relevant rural and local resources etc., to jointly plan a dynamic historical, cultural and ecological hiking route, which integrated the experiential learning of walking, so as to promote the revitalisation of rural historical culture.

Ten churches/chapels in Sai Kung are St. Peter’s Chapel, Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows Chapel, Star of the Sea Mass Centre, Epiphany of Our Lord Chapel, Nativity of Our Lady Chapel, Immaculate Conception Chapel, Holy Family Chapel, Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel, Lung Shun Wan Mission Centre and Rosary Mission Centre.