Located in the Sai Kung East, as one of the sandy beaches among the four bays of Tai Long Wan. Since it is located at the entrance of High Island Reservoir to Tai Long Wan which is crossed by The MacLehose Trail. It is a replenishment and resting place for the hikers at Sai Kung. Sai Wan has been a shelter for fishing boats since ancient times, so the Sai Wan Village that we see today gradually formed on the shore.

Rehabilitation Project for Sai Wan Area

Under Countryside Conservation Office’s the Nature Conservation Management Agreement in Sai Wan, the Sai Kung District Community Center Limited. The plan includes re-cultivating the farmland in Sai Wan Village that has been abandoned for nearly half a century and improving the surrounding wetland habitat. It is expected that the organic restoration can provide more habitats for species and promote the development of Sai Wan. The biodiversity in the area has been increased with species of birds and butterflies; local planting in Sai Wan Village while supporting the cultural heritage, nature conservation, and living environment on sustainable development.