Sham Chung is a river that gushes deep into the inner bay of the coastline in the city. It is a brackish, located at Sai Kung North. It is surrounded by mountains (Shek Nga Tau, Shek Uk Shan, and Wa Mei Shan) and it can be sub-divided into five villages: Ha Wai, Shek Tau King, Pao Nei Tsai, Wan Tsai, and Dui Min Tsuen.

Sham Chung used to be a place of ecological value, with streams, freshwater marshes, wetlands, and other habitats. According to the New Nature Conservation Policy, it is listed as one of the priority sites for enhanced conservation.

Sham Chung Haven: Restoring the Relationship between Humans, Nature and Ecology

Under the Countryside Conservation Funding Scheme, “Sham Chung Haven: Restoring the Relationship between Nature, Ecology and Human” has been organised by Diocesan Working Committee for “Following Thy Way” of Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong. The program aimed to study the feasibility of re-adapting The Epiphany of Our Lord Chapel as an education and research center on biodiverse environment restoration and restoration of the relationship between nature, ecology and human, through which the body, mind and soul of human being could also be restored, attaining peace and harmony. It shall attract old villagers to return and promote the history and culture of Sham Chung.